Wine route DO Emporda

The resurgence of wine production has facilitated the creation of The Wine Route Club of DO Empordà. An association promoted by the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona with the collaboration of the Consell Regulador of the D.O. Empordà and the tourist sector of the regions of l’Alt Empordà and Baix Empordà, it pretends with the wine tourism the fusion of knowledge of wine and the territory with the tourism, with the final propose of promoting these experiences between the nature and gastronomy lovers.

Twenty-four wine cellar, nine hotel establishments, eleven restaurants, three bars and wine specialized establishments, eleven activity business, three museums, two wine therapy centers, three central reservations and several information spots distributed throughout the territory… altogether, more than 80 business to offer to the visitors a 100% wine and gastronomic experience to know the wine tradition by the owners.

The wine tourism it’s a new way to revitalize and to know the Empordà and Costa Brava region, and that’s why the Kubansky restaurant have decided to be part of this Wine Route DO Empordà initiative.

DO Empordà wines

La D.O. Empordà ocupa 2020 hectáreas de viñas en el Alt i Baix Empordà.

The DO Empordà occupies 2020 hectares of vineyards of the Alt and Baix Empordà regions.
The red wines are high quality, with body, well built and harmonious, sometimes with the nuance of an aged care. This reserve and “crianza” wines have very characteristic aromatic notes; are complex, fragrant, with touches of spices, always maintaining the aromas of the fruit and the plant. In the mouth they express themselves with fullness, tasty and very pleasant

The white wines, usually with autochthonous varieties, are tasty and fresh, the rose ones are characterized by a well-defined cherry color, with personality and delicate and fresh aroma, the alcohol graduation is moderate.
“La Garnatxa de l’Empordà” elaborated with the variety that gives its name, it’s a natural sweet wine, with the flavor of ripe grape, warm and silky, virtues that gives the traits of an exceptional dessert wine, along with the other sweet wine of the area, Moscatell de l’Empordà.